Our Story

Our foudner spent 11 years traveling the world on his beloved classic motorcycle. His time was spent working with NGOs in some of the world’s most impoverished environments helping people overcome hardship, disease, war and famine.

Driven by wanting to find a way to better inform and connect the world to the plight and work of charities and the needs of individuals, families and communities in need of help. In 2012 decided to create the “Facebook” of philanthropy. An online platform and social network that would allow those in need to have a place to ask those willing to offer their help and make the process of connecting and transacting simple and seamless. Givar as we now know it was born.

Over the years the platform and Givar offering have morphed, and a highly motivated and experienced team now provide product and services to some of the worlds leading companies along with hundreds of thousands of their employees as well new and innovate support raising solutions to thousands of charities here in Australia.  

Givar’s continuing evolution and desire to connect those in need with those who can assist has lead to a number of ‘first of a kind’ products and services in recent months dedicated to schools, churches, sports clubs and other community organisations and coming soon, for members of the public.

Givar now proudly represents a genuine answer to the question of; how can we address the balance of need with the desire of the masses to help?  

‘Givar has the power to change where and how we give as a human race, once and for all’ says Ryan.

What do we actually do?

We strive to thrive in solving the problem of how to facilitate human connectivity with the outcome of getting help to where it is most needed, whilst at the same time satisfying the desire of engaging those who want to be the contributors.​

What does that mean?

It means that in Australia alone there are thousands if not millions of charities, individuals and whole communities that need help. Likewise there are millions of people, businesses, Government agencies and communities that want to help but don’t know how.

So what we do at Givar is provide Australia and all those varying stakeholder groups who need help or want to assist a single online environment to connect with each other, a bit like a dating site.

Then no matter how those that have connected want to transact, manage or measure their relationship, it’s all there, all in one place. Fundraising campaigns, volunteering drives, ticketed events, payroll giving, dollar matching, grants, and the list goes on…

One place, one language, one solution.

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